Bike Maintenance Tips from Saddle Skedaddle’s Chief Guide Steve Wood

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Here’s some bike maintenance tips from Saddle Skedaddle’s top chief guide, Steve Woods, which we think are worth a look! Read his top tips for getting your bike pedal-ready this Spring:

Muc-Off Bicycle Cleaning Tools1. Clean your bike
Advice: Cleaning your bike is an important start to the season and helps you get to know your bike again.
Top tip: Cut off the top of a plastic water bottle. Fill it with a water-based degreaser and place it in your seat-tube bottle cage (for easy access). Use a paintbrush to apply the degreaser to the chain. Finish by holding a soapy sponge around the chain and turning the cranks. Hose off the excess and let it dry.Mtb tyres

2. Checking the tyres
Advice: Tyres bear the brunt of the action when cycling so it’s essential to keep them well maintained.

Top tip: First deflate the tyre and nip the side walls together with your fingers; this will help to see perishing, which is a typical first sign of wear on a tyre’s sidewall. Don’t forget to reinflate to the correct tyre pressure, which can be found on the side walls.

Some final wise words for the chieftain…
Remember, the pro-cyclists you saw swooping around France in July didn’t always have those wiry calves and ninja-like reflexes. At some point, they all had to learn how to train smart and even how to shift gears. While only a select few of you will ever take in the view from a top podium, we can all rejoice in the fact that no cycling skill is impossible to master. So just start steady and enjoy your cycling.

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