6 Good Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike

Cube E MTB of the year

Are you looking at becoming greener and healthier in 2019? Here are 6 good reasons to try a Cube electric bike this year.

1 They will help you go further and faster for longer

Electric bikes provide different levels of power-assisted pedaling helping you travel further, faster and for longer, whether you’re heading up the glen, up the canal bank or touring around the islands. With an e-bike, you can reach a top assisted speed of around 25km per hour almost instantly for up to 50 miles in one go.

2 Hills and wind become less of a problem

If the thought of cycling against the wind or uphill is off-putting, a Cube electric bike could be the answer. The industry leading Bosch motor, fitted with 4 assist levels, will deliver the power you need when and where you need it most.

3 Zoom past long traffic queues

Beat the traffic queue blues and zoom in and or out of town on our local cycle routes and multi-use paths.

4 Parking problems are a thing of the past

Looking for a parking place becomes a thing of the past as an electric bike can be parked at any cycle rack at work, at the shops and at your house.

5  Bosch Service Centre

Our mechanics are trained and qualified to work on Bosch and Shimano cycle motors to ensure your bike is in top working order.

6 You can try before you buy

To learn more about owning and using a Cube electric bike, call into Off Beat Bikes to discuss one of the hundreds available in the style that will suit you best. For all shapes and sizes from electric kids bikes to full suspension book a test ride, get the wind in your hair and don’t look back!

Get in touch with Off Beat Bikes by emailing info@offbeatbikes.co.uk calling 01397704008 or call by the shop on the High Street. We are open 7 days.