5 Electric Bike Questions Answered

Cube Acid Hybrid One E-bike

1 How do you charge an electric bike (e-bike)?

Most e-bikes are easy to charge. The Bosch battery, on all the Cube e-bikes, can be charged either on or off the bike.  The battery is plugged into any normal socket with the supplied Bosch charger.

2 How long will it take to charge?

A complete charge takes around 4 hours.

3 How far can you go before you run out of charge?

The distance you can travel on an e-bike depends on the size of the battery. With 400, 500 or 625 Watt batteries available the range is from 30 miles to 50 miles. The distance you can travel on an e-bike is affected by the mode you choose.

The Bosch eBike system provides five different riding modes to choose from, offering the ideal support profile depending on the application and rider type.

Direct, powerful support up to maximum cadence for sportive riding

Immediate, powerful support for athletic riding off-road and in city traffic

Steady support for long tours

Effective support at maximum efficiency for maximum range

No support, all on-board computer functions are available

*The eMTB Mode, which is specially conceived for the Performance Line CX, dynamically switches between the Tour and Turbo riding modes, offering progressive motor support for maximum performance on the trail.

Distance in each mode is also affected by the weight of the rider, steepness of the terrain, air temperature, pedaling style of the rider and amount of wind. For example, a larger adult cycling up a steep hill will use more battery than a small rider cycling alongside the canal.

Over summer 2019 we routinely achieved a minimum of 30 miles out of our Cube hire e-bikes with a fully charged 400w battery.


4 How much does it cost to run?

Studies show that traveling by e-bike costs around 5p per 50 miles, one of the cheapest forms of travel!

5 What happens if the bike runs out of charge?

E-bikes are easy to pedal just like a normal bike. If the battery runs out of power it is an unassisted pedal home.

And a few more questions we have been asked:

  • Are they heavy?

E-bikes are heavier than a normal bike. If you use a car rack it is important to check that the rack is able to take the extra weight.

  • Do I have to pedal?

Yes; all UK e-bikes are pedal-assisted up to 15mph. This means that the operator must turn the pedals to gain assistance from the motor.

  • Can I only go up to 15 MPH then?

No -once you get past 15MPH the bike can be pedaled faster in the same way as any normal pedal bike.

  • Where can I use an electric bike?

Because e-bikes meet pedal cycle criteria they can be used anywhere you can cycle a normal bike.

If you have more questions and are interested to find out more about e-bikes and possibly take a test ride, our next electric bike test day is on 24th November. To chat, pop by the shop, call 01397 704008 or send an email to info@offbeatbikes.co.uk