The Ditto One is equipped with a single-speed drivetrain, mudguards and a safety flag for addded visibility.

The robust lightweight hitch system has also been improved with a zero play design for added stability and to minimise flex. Other feature include a handlebar, quick release seatpin and a semi-slick tire to suit both road and light off road use.

Show Pricing

Pricing Plans
1 - 1 days: £10.00 / day
2 - 2 days: £18.00 / day
3 - 3 days: £25.00 / day
4 - 4 days: £31.00 / day
5 - 5 days: £36.00 / day
6 - 6 days: £41.00 / day
7 - 7 days: £44.00 / day
8 - 999 days: £6.00 / day
Pick-up date
Drop-off Date & Time

Bookings include:

  • A quality helmet
  • A lock
  • A fitted bottle cage
  • A route map (with great routes for all abilities)
  • Spares
  • An emergency contact number

Please note:
All bikes have standard fitted pedals for use with normal shoes.

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